Hawksbill Greenway

Groundhog Day by Todd Henson

Groundhog along the Hawksbill Greenway in Luray, Virginia

February 2nd is Groundhog Day! So what will happen this year? Will the groundhog see its shadow, portending another 6 weeks of winter? Or will the groundhog emerge from its hole to a cloudy, shadow-free day, bringing us an early spring?

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Groundhog facing the camera

Groundhog watching me as I photograph it

What do you think? Will this winter be a short one or a long one? Where I live it has been a mild winter thus far, with more rain than snow. But I know some areas have been very hard hit. How has your winter been and would you rather have more winter or less?

Groundhog at the edge of the bushes

Groundhog looking off to the left

The groundhog in these images certainly wasn’t worried about predicting the weather. It was enjoying the day in Luray, Virginia, along the Hawksbill Greenway, a beautiful path that follows Hawksbill Creek through the town of Luray, home to Luray Caverns, a large system of caves full of amazing rock formations. Stop by there one day, if you can. Beautiful town and great set of caverns.

Then a little later in the day, maybe get together with some friends and sit down to watch a movie. And what better movie for Groundhog Day than Groundhog Day?! It’s one of those rare movies I never tire of.

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!