Common Blue Violet

Spring Brings Wildflowers by Todd Henson

Blue Phlox (possibly Emerald Blue)

Spring is approaching, and with it come the wildflowers, flowers of all sorts, actually. Last year I started looking more closely for varieties of wildflowers in various parks. This year I hope to continue the search, trying to find photogenic specimens. In this post I’ve included a small selection of flowers I’ve found in previous years. Some are wildflowers, others are flowering trees or shrubs.

Yellow Trout Lily

Cherry Blossoms

Common Blue Violet

Blue Phlox

As the weather begins to warm, keep your eyes out for some of these amazing little flowers. Most are very small and very close to the ground. So look down, spend some time crawling in the dirt, look to the edges of the trails. Put on your macro lens or macro attachments. Turn on your camera’s macro setting if you have a point and shoot. Turn away from the sweeping landscapes for a short while and investigate the closeup details.

Quaker Ladies (bluets)

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