Best Photos of 2016 by Todd Henson

I'm beginning a new tradition this year: going through all the photos I created throughout the year and picking my favorites, the ones I feel are my best of the year. I've always had a love/hate relationship with "favorites." My idea of my favorite photo, my favorite book, my favorite restaurant, or my favorite ice cream flavor tends to change over time (sometimes over a very short time). So I've no doubt my idea of my best photos of 2016 may change later, when I look back at all the photos again. But as of right now, these 10 photos are my favorite of 2016. Feel free to let me know whether or not you enjoy them.

The title of each photo links back to the original blog post they appeared in. I also have a second "Best of 2016" post where I share not just my favorite photos, but also my favorite books and movies of 2016, if you're interested in those.