Low quality image of a Striped Skunk walking along top of ridge beside road in very dense fog

Striped Skunk are the most common skunk in North America. They are largely black with a series of white stripes running from their head down their back. The stripe patterns can vary. Striped Skunk are largely nocturnal, sleeping during the day. I’ve read any skunk seen active during the middle of the day should be avoided as it could have rabies, something common in skunks.

Low quality image of a Striped Skunk nosing through grass along ridge beside road in very dense fog

The included photos are very low quality. The Striped Skunk was seen in the late afternoon on a very foggy day in the mountains. It was walking along the small ridge beside the road, not far from the entrance to a park pull off. It was more difficult to see than the photos would imply as the fog was incredibly thick. It was like driving through a cloud bank. We noticed the skunk so I took a few shots, which I later cropped and significantly increased contrast to dial down the fog enough to make out the Striped Skunk.