Northern Raccoon climbing from one tree to the top of another, finding a place to sleep for the day

Northern Raccoon at top of tree. It heard me taking pictures, turned my way, then curled up and went to sleep.

Northern Raccoon sleeping in the hollow of a tree.

Northern Raccoon are common throughout most of North America. They are sometimes called masked bandits because of the black markings over their eyes and cheeks. The black is surrounded by white. The rest of their body is grayish brown and they have a black striped tail.

Northern Raccoon in the hollow of a tree. It was sleeping, and appeared to wake for a short while, stretching out of the hollow. Shortly after it curled back up in the hollow.

I've only photographed two Raccoons in the wild, both at the same location at different times. The first time was just before noon. The Raccoon was climbing up into a tree to go to sleep. The second time was around nine in the morning and the Raccoon was already sleeping in a different tree.