Male and female Northern Pintail

The Northern Pintail is one of many duck species that migrate through the area during the winter months, having spent the summer further north. Pintail are so named because of their long pointed tail. Male Northern Pintail are easy to identify by their dark brown head with a white line that extends from their chest almost to the top of their head.  Female Pintail have the signature pointed tail, but honestly, beyond this I identify them most easily by the fact they are paired with a male. I find many female ducks difficult to identify when seen individually. Northern Pintail are a dabbling duck, feeding by dabbling in the water and lifting their tail to dunk their head underwater to feed.

Male Northern Pintail

Female Northern Pintail

Male and female Northern Pintail in foreground with feeding male in background

Pair of male Northern Pintail, one displaying. Not a great photo, and a bad perspective, but it shows some of the coloration in the wings.