Green Heron scanning water for prey

The Green Heron is a small heron, similar in size to Night Herons and Bitterns. It has a longer neck than these other species, but shorter than the larger herons, such as the Great Blue Heron.  It has a greenish blueish back with brown neck. It can be found in many of the same areas as other herons, namely marshes, ponds, streams, etc. I have not seen them near strong flowing water as I sometimes do Great Blue Heron. They have a similar diet to other heron, feeding on fish, amphibians, invertebrates, and various other aquatic  species. Male and female Green Heron look alike.

Green Heron taking a break from fishing

Pair of Green Heron hunting together around a small pond

Green Heron at pond's edge watching the sky. Might have been an Osprey or Bald Eagle flying overhead.