Profile of a Green Frog

Green Frogs are common throughout eastern North America. Characteristics that help with identification include large eardrums just below and behind their eyes, and ridges that run down the sides of their back. They grow to around 2 to 4 inches in size.

I’ve read Green Frogs are not as wary as some other frogs, and my experience with this individual backs that up. I made these photos on an April afternoon nearing sunset. Green Frogs become more active at night, and this one had just moved from the marshy area onto the trail. It let us approach very close, and never appeared nervous or bothered. Perhaps it was just ignoring us in hopes we’d go away, which we did after a making a couple photos.

Green Frog

This particular Green Frog stands out for another reason. I wanted to blur out the background and look the frog right in the eye. To do so I had to lay down on the trail and rest the camera on the ground. I was so focused on creating an image from the frog’s perspective that I completely forgot this trail was usually full of ticks. Needless to say I did pick one up, right between the eyes! Thankfully a friend saw it when we reached the parking lot and easily removed it since it hadn’t had time to embed itself. I try to stay more aware of these things now, but can’t say I’d have done anything differently. I’m pleased with the photo I made of this magnificent little amphibian.