Great Egret in flight, overhead, against clear blue sky

Great Egrets are one of many species I'd like more opportunities to photograph. They are among the larger birds I've seen, along with Great Blue Herons. They can sometimes both be found fishing in the same area, though so far I've only seen Great Egrets wading through still water wetlands, whereas Great Blue Herons I often see fishing near powerful waterfalls.

Great Egret flying low, over the wetlands pong, with fallen tree in the background

Great Egrets are beautiful birds in flight, with a wide wingspan. Notice how they often fold up their neck when flying.

Great Egret flying over wetlands pond

Great Egret flying overhead against clear blue sky

Here is a sequence of images showing some late season breeding plumage. The first image is a simple profile shot. The second shows the egret preening. And in the third we can see a little more of the plumage.

Below are a sequence of photographs showing a Great Egret catching a fish.

In the final image of the sequence, below, notice how the neck stretches when the egret swallows the fish, very reminiscent of some snakes. And in the other image below is something I've only seen once, a Great Egret snacking on a dragonfly. Notice the dragonfly in its beak. It had been intently watching the dragonfly until it finally stretched out its neck and grabbed the dragonfly in its beak. Shortly afterwards it fully opened its beak and swallowed what was left of the dragonfly.

Great Egret swallowing fish

Great Egret snacking on dragonfly