Male Eastern Bluebird in soft morning light

Eastern Bluebird have a blue head and back, with an orange chest and white underside. The males can be very bright blue, whereas the females are a duller shade of blue. Juveniles are more brown with white spots and blue highlights. They are fairly common throughout eastern North America.

Eastern Bluebird are beautiful birds, and very popular with many of the bird watchers. Some locations have designated bluebird trails, and many build boxes as home for bluebirds, though these homes are sometimes taken by swallows.

I often watch the Eastern Bluebirds out in the fields hunting for insects. They will perch on shrubs, providing nice photographic opportunities, though I’m always hoping they would perch a little closer.

Male Eastern Bluebird perched in field

Female Eastern Bluebird perched in field

Juvenile Eastern Bluebird in tree