The Canada Goose is another very common species. In fact, these geese have become so common they've become a nuisance species in many areas. They usually travel in groups, sometimes very large groups. They are often so used to people you can frequently get very close to them.

I find it interesting how the water beads up on these birds, as is common with birds that spend much time in the water. They can be an attractive bird, despite their frequency. 

Group of Canada Geese

Canada Goose spreading its wings, drying off

Canada Goose feeding

One time I was observing several groups of Canada Geese when one of the groups took flight directly overhead. Their wings make an interesting sound. You can almost feel it when they fly over. And speaking of sound, Canada Geese are very loud and very vocal birds. It's as if they want everyone to know they are around. This can be a problem when you're trying to photograph a shy group of ducks and a large group of Canada Geese fly in and scare the ducks further off.

Group of Canada Geese in flight

Panning photo of a pair of Canada Geese