Poor quality photo of Black Bear hidden among ferns

The Black Bear is the largest of the predators in eastern North America, though in the north and northwest the Grizzly and Polar Bear surpass it. The Black Bear is a fairly timid bear by nature and will usually run away when confronted by humans, though I've read of problems when bears and humans live closely together, especially when people feed the bears.

I've seen a number of Black Bear in the Blue Ridge mountains, usually alone, but occasionally a mother with several cubs. Sometimes they can be seen in trees, or walking along the edge of the road or treeline. I've even seen one at the edge of my community, which borders a forest.

Unfortunately, I've had very little success photographing Black Bear. I either see them when I don't have a camera ready, or they're at too great a distance, or hidden in shadow and gone before I can adjust camera settings. Anytime I'm in the mountains I'm on the lookout for Black Bear.