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Just Below The Surface by Todd Henson

Just Below the Surface

Just below the surface of a small lake a young turtle follows her mother towards a pair of koi. The koi appear to pay as little attention to the turtles as do the turtles to the koi. Each group swims in their own world, though one they share.

The young turtle’s only thoughts are of its mother. When the mother stops moving forward the small turtle moves around to face its mother, nose to nose, moving both front legs forward as if to hug its mother.

The koi continue slowly gliding through the water, their bodies creating beautiful curves. They very likely are waiting for food from those of us above.

Two different worlds, above and below, and yet all still part of the same. These are my thoughts as I watch these wonderful creatures just below the surface.

Over the Bridge Through the Woods by Todd Henson

Over the Bridge Through the Woods. Click on the image for a larger view.

A bridge in the woods, spanning a small dry stream bed.

A couple out walking, over the bridge through the woods.

Trees in the woods, seemingly reaching out towards the couple.

To embrace? Or to restrain?

Today’s photograph is of Jordan Pond Bridge in Acadia National Park on Mount Desert Island in Maine. The bridge crosses Jordan Stream, which flows into nearby Jordan Pond. This bridge, and many others in the park, are part of a network of carriage roads built between 1913 and 1940 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Jordan Pond Bridge, as seen on the side of the bridge, was completed in 1920.

I highly recommend visiting Acadia National Park if you ever have the opportunity. It is a beautiful park, full of amazing sights. But it can get very crowded during the busy season, so plan accordingly.

I took some artistic license with this image, converting it to black and white and dodging and burning very liberally. I softened much of the background, trying to give the impression of a light layer of fog, or a slight sense of unreality. I wanted to embrace the mystery within the image. Let me know whether or not I was successful. Would you have done anything differently?

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Reflecting on an Egret by Todd Henson